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Winnipeg Restaurant Guide & Review
Van Goes Pizza

741 St. Mary's Rd Unit 4
Winnipeg, MB, Ph: 257-4992 (25PIZZA)

2009 - For starters the female voice that answered my call was friendly and cheerful. Since this was my first time ordering from them I had several questions which she happily answered, after which I got down to the business of placing my order. I decided to try all three items from their "Summer Sale" menu (summer flyer issue 2009) which consists of a large 15 inch pizza & free 2L coke product ($11.99), 6 whole chicken wings ($4.50), and an order of their own homemade salsa ($3.50). I also ordered two extra toppings for the pizza at $2.75 per topping. Total for this order including tax and delivery charge: $31.75.

Delivery was prompt, arriving at my door in roughly 35-40 minutes. The 2L coke was chilled, and not shaken up in transit as it did not explode on opening... always a good thing when ordering in. The food was well-packed, hot items were separate from cold items, also a good thing. The driver was both courteous and had the required change with him and at the ready, thus earning himself a $4 tip.

On first impression this pizza did not feel heavy, but nonetheless a pleasant site awaited once the box was opened. Fans of the thin crust pizza are going to appreciate this one, because the crust is ULTRA-thin, but very crispy and quite flavorful. The toppings, although fresh and plentiful on some parts of the pizza, were quite sparse in others. The toppings and cheese did continue to the edge of the pizza barring a few spots.The sauce was tangy and flavorful, just not enough of it. In several spots on the pizza it was hard to tell there was sauce at all.

Overall taste and impression -- Don't get me wrong, this pizza is good, but you're just left wanting a little more in the way of topping amounts, and it could definitely stand a little more sauce. I realize it's tricky to sauce it up and still keep the crust crisp, but pre-baking the crust should take care of that..

The six whole chicken wings were rather on the smallish side but nicely cooked to a golden crisp and served with Van Goe's "3 Alarm" dipping sauce which was strangely reminiscent of Frank's Red-Hot. Fans of the extremely fire-hot hot wings are going to be left wanting, but they were very tasty nonetheless. Whichever dipping sauce you choose (BBQ, 3-Alarm, Ranch or Honey Dill) it comes on the side rather than pre-slathered all over the wings, so you can dip to taste.

The real hit of the order was the Van Goe's homemade salsa. It comes in a 16 oz. container and consists of a fragrant blend of onions, peppers, various greens and fresh tomatoes. It only comes in one level of hotness which is on the mild side, so those preferring their salsa blazing hot will want to add their own tabasco and cayenne pepper to taste.

TIP -- If you have any of this pizza left over and like to eat it cold (or hot) the following day, try spooning some of the salsa onto it, it's a real treat.

Overall rating for Van Goes based on the above order: 7.5/10

We'll definitely be trying them again, as their menu, especially their list of Masterpiece Pizzas, is quite extensive. Final recommendation: Give them a try!

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