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CD's Reviews: The Keg Downtown
Located at 115 Garry St, just off of Broadway, a stone's throw from the Hotel Fort Garry.
Ph: 942-7619
On a recent visit, (my birthday no less!) I was treated to a Keg steak and a wonderful lobster tail. The meal came with salad (I chose the ceasar over the chef's salad), which was excellent. The Romain lettuce was crisp and fresh, the dressing creamy and very potent, with a sprinkling of freshly-grated parmesan cheese. Not quite as potent as the Johnny G's rendition, but tasty none-the-less, made especially so because I opted for the sprinkling of fresh ground pepper. That will leave a nice little burn in even the most ardent spice-lover. The croutons in this salad were crisp and flavorful as well, and the Keg's own sourdough bread, a favorite of mine by the way, was warm, crusty on the outside, moist and flavorful on the inside. However, they again failed to provide enough butter for two bread-lovers. :)

On to the partner and I both ordered the escargot-stuffed mushrooms, which were highly enjoyable. 6 or 7 large mushroom caps, stuffed each with a large escargot, smothered in garlic, herbs and butter, and baked in a special little bowl. For fans of seafood in garlic, this dish is a must-try. The garlic-herb-butter sauce was so good that I used some of the bread to "sop it up" afterwards, as did my dinner companion. Between the garlicy ceasar salad and this dish, we were now equally prepared to kill each other with garlic breath!

We ordered the one litre of house wine, white no less, which was light and fruity, and complimented the meal throughout each course. The meals themselves were excellent in all aspects. My companion ordered the cajun seafood creole, while I, as I mentioned earlier, delved into the steak and lobster. I've contacted my dining companion (she lives in San Francisco), and she will provide her impressions of her meal. As for mine, let's just say that I had myself built up for weeks for this dinner, and the Keg did not dissapoint! The steak was amazingly juicey and tender, perfectly cooked to order, it literally made my eyes roll back in my head for each bite. The lobster was no less perfectly cooked, and lobster fans will want to try this dish. At $29.95 a plate it comes off as pricey, but for the occassional splurge it's well worth it. The meal comes with a huge baked potato, topped with a special cheese blend if so desired, and a mountain of sour cream, bacon bits and chives if one wants to forgo the heart-attack warnings for one night :)  The potato was tasty, as were the vegetables (a medley of mixed veggies lightly cooked and buttery), and a half-tomato, baked with a light tasty seasoned topping. Even the largest appetites will be sated after such a meal as this, no question. I am 6' 4" and 230 lbs, and I was seeing double afterwards!

More to come about this meal!!

Final note: On previous visits to this Keg location and others around Winnipeg, I have found the atmosphere, service, food, and overall dining experience to be of a consistently high calibre.

Reservations: I would recommend calling for reservations, and on hollidays I would call well in advance.
Parking: Can be a problem at times due to the downtown locale during the day and at night there can be quite a number of parked vehicles due to the nearby hotel. There is a pay lot on Broadway, or you can try to find a meter spot on one of the streets, all of which are one-way, either north or south.
Food: Consistently excellent
Service: Very good and friendly, and again, very consistent
Liquor license: oh yeah! You bet. Order "Keg Size"
Atmosphere: Very intimate, dark and cozy, but can get loud on busy nights.
Air Quality: Usually good, I've had no problems, they keep the smokers well-separated, ventilation seems good too.
Washroom: Quite clean and regularly maintained.

Cyberdog's overall rating (out of 10): 9 (I don't give this # out often)

See you there!


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