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Cyberdog's Reviews: Paladin Restaurant
Located at 588 Des Meurons Street in St. Boniface.

This is a great place to go for any type of meal, but especially breakfast or lunch. The decor is cozy, it can be quite busy too at times. For dinner they always have 5 or 6 specials plus a fairly extensive menu. The food is about as close to home-cooking as you can get at a restaraunt! Large bowls of tasty soups, fresh salads, prompt courteous service, and the variety platter of Ukrainian food is "to die for". 

On a more recent visit, my lunch companion ordered the Greek salad and a "Gyro", a pita-style pocket filled with a multitude of vegtables and roasted lamb. Both choices were very tasty and satisfying. I chose the soup of the day (cream of Chicken) which was obviously home-made, with an ample amount of roast chicken and celery chunks. I followed that with their chili burger, which, although wasn't as spicey as I would have prefered, was nontheless very filling and delicious. The meat patty was quite large, and was flame-broiled to perfection, served on a fresh bun and smothered in very hearty home-style chile.

The service here is consistently very good. The exterior of the place isn't much to look at, but don't judge this particular book by it's cover! The interior is a little cramped in places, but otherwise cozy, and the decor is pleasant.

Reservations: no
Parking: Good, free and accessible.
Food: Very good
Service: Very good and friendly
Liquor liscense: Yes
Atmosphere: Quite nice and cozy, unless you're claustrophobic.
Air Quality: Usually good
Washrooms: Haven't had the occasion to visit them yet

Cyberdog's overall rating (out of 10): 8.0

See you there!
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