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Cyberdog's Reviews: Norwood Hotel & Grill
Located at 112 Marion Street in St. Boniface.

This could grow to be a big review over time. As it is I've been to the Norwood for various meals over the past 20 years or so, and they've always been consistantly good. Let's start with their 30+ year special, the "seafood Saturday's". This once-a-week tradition is, in my opinion, the best value for your seafood dollar, bar none. 5 kinds of shrimp, all very tasty, they are the big ones with the shells still on. I'm highly parial to the breaded oysters, the bacon-wrapped scallops, and the shark fillets (when available). You choose each item you want and specify the amount... "I'll have 4 of the hot & spicey shrimps, 2 curry shrimps, 3 breaded oysters and a salmon fillet" for example. Each type of seafood has it's own price, and for between $10 and $20 I can get a pile of seafood let me tell you! Lobster is served whole and priced at market value. A whole lobster and a good amount of shrimps etc will run you about $22 bucks. No frills, no salad, no soup, just seafood, just very very good seafood. 

That much seafood anywhere else would likely run you about $40 or more. 

The seafood deal is for the bar & lounge mainly, known as "The Wood Tavern", and this little grill area also serves up huge tasty char-broiled burgers, steaks, and ribs... oh, the ribs! The Norwood won "best ribs in Winnipeg" back in 1998, and they never cease to amaze me with the sheer size of the full order, and at $9.99 a plate they are quite a deal. Watch the little "blackboard" near the cash register for their daily specials. You'll notice off to the right of the cash register that they have a bunch of whole chickens going round and round in a clear-glass oven. That's the Norwood signature "broasted chicken". They take hours and hours to cook, but believe me, if you have to wait a half hour until they're done, wait. Trust me, just wait! A half-chicken dinner with potato and cole-slaw is usually only about $6.99 but I've seen it on special for as low as $4.99!! I usually order a side of their daily vegetable, and here again, the vegetable is always different and always perfectly prepared and steamed. For about a buck and a quarter extra they're worth it too.

There is also a small restaurant/dining room called the Norwood Grill, separate from the bar and lounge. This little bistro is quaintly decorated and is high on my list for places that serve up a good breakfast. When out for this meal I usually like to order scrambled eggs and sausages with hash browns, wheat toast and coffee. They are consistantly good with preparing this meal, and the service is very good as well. The hash browns are crispy breaded little chunks of potatos, lightly seasoned and very tasty. All meals that are available in the bar are also available in the grill restaurant, but are priced a little higher. They have a very fresh and well-stocked salad and soup bar too, all included with main entrees. Meals in the grill range from the $8 mark for seniors to the $16 mark.

Reservations: no
Parking: Good, acres of it, free and accessible.
Food: Very good
Service: Very good and friendly
Liquor liscense: Yes, and at bar prices!
Atmosphere: The sports bar can be loud and smokey, especialy near the video lottery terminals. The lounge side has a cozier decor and a big fireplace but can also get loud and smokey. The grill restaurant is very quaint and cozy, and clean-looking.
Air Quality: Usually good
Washrooms: Located in various spots throughout the bar and hotel, all are clean and well-serviced.

Cyberdog's overall rating (out of 10): 7.8

See you there!
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