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Cyberdog's Reviews: Little Ceasar's
Locations in Winnipeg and Brandon.

2006 NEW! - Pizza! Pizza! In late May of '06 I decided to give Little Ceasar's another try, this time at their newest location at 59 Goulet St. in St Boniface (ph: 231-8686). I hadn't ordered from them for several years, but the deal in their latest flyer advertising large pizzas with unlimited toppings for $10.99* each seemed intriguing, so called them I did with debit card in hand.

Delivery - Well, the girl on the phone did say "45 minutes to an hour".... and it was on a Friday evening right around dinner time that I ordered, so I'll have to cut them some slack. However, their closest location to my home is actually quite closeby, so their total delivery time of 65 minutes is a bit out of the ordinary. Of course sometimes the driver delivers to the farther away customers first, and hits the closer ones on the return trip.

The order - The 2-litre beverage I had requested with the order was cold, which is always nice, and it did not explode when opened. (also nice) Points scored for that!

As for the pizzas (two were ordered: 1- bacon, ham & pinneapple, and 2- Italian sausage, beef, mushrooms, onions, green peppers and tomato), they were still warm but let me just say... this isn't going to be anyone's "all-time favorite pizza" or anything, what with so many stronger contenders out there vying for the title. 

However, the price is good, the value is there, and the product is fresh and quite tasty. Anyone wanting to get two good-sized pizzas and a 2-litre beverage delivered for under $30 will be satisfied with Little Ceasar's I'm sure.

Of course the toppings and cheese could have been more plentiful, but then again I say that about nearly every pizza shop's pizzas. All toppings were quite fresh, the sauce was thick in places on the crust but thin to non-existant in others. The crust itself, their original, was actually quite thin (which I prefer) and although flavorful, not very crisp.

All-in-all I'd say that price is one of the biggest hooks Little Ceasar's has going for it. Their food will fill you up, it's "good" pizza, but doesn't quite make it into the "great pizza" category in my book.

They do accept debit card transactions on home delivery orders.

Most if not all locations open for business at 11 am daily.

* price as of May 2006

Reservations: n/a
Parking: n/a
Food: Good
Service: Fairly prompt, friendly
Liquor liscense: n/a
Atmosphere: n/a
Air Quality: n/a
Washrooms: Unknown

Cyberdog's overall rating (out of 10): 6.5

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