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Cyberdog's Reviews: Lisi's Ranch House
Located at 1761 Main St (Wkld)  just north of Jefferson on the East side.

Lisi's is Winnipeg's home of huge portions of char-broiled delicacies llke beef ribs, chicken and steaks. Even their regular portions are big, but if you order the extra size, be very very hungry. The sauce on the meat is zesty and flavorful, so have napkins, have many many napkins.

There is a main dining room located on the main floor, and a little sports bar downstairs in the basement. You can order meals in either place, but the sports bar has lots of music playing from a jukebox, and be ready to accept automatic drink refreshers from the bartender/waiter, he likes to keep the drinks flowing down there! 

Other items on the menu worth a try are the Lisi's pizzas, excellent salads and Homemade soups. All the Italian dishes on the menu are won't ever go away hungry and you'll rarely find better tasting food.

Reservations: no, but call anyway: 339-5522
Parking: Can be a problem, but there is usually space open on one of the side-streets or out front.
Food: Very good
Service: Very good and friendly
Liquor liscense: Yes
Atmosphere: Quite nice in the main floor dining room, and rather layed back and sporty in the basement bar
Air Quality: Usually good, but somewhat smokey in the sports bar.
Washrooms: Located in the basement, they are a little drab but otherwise clean.

Cyberdog's overall rating (out of 10): 8.2

See you there!

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