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Cyberdog's Reviews: Four Seasons Chinese Food
Four Seasons Chinese & Polynesian Food: 10-35 Lakewood Blvd. in the Southwood Centre.
Ph: 254-2221

I've been ordering from Four Seasons for over fourteen years now, and I can tell you this much.... the keyword with them is "consistancy." 

This is all take-out and delivery, there is no dining in at this place. The wait is rather lengthy on most evenings especially towards the weekend, but it is well worth it. Pre-ordering is recommended.

Packaging: The containers rarely if ever leak! 

Portions: very generous.

The food itself is amazing. One of my favorites is won-ton soup, and the order for one is enough for two, literally. You always get six won-ton noodles filled to the extreme with a tasty mined pork center, with fresh mushrooms, bokchoy and carrots in a rich broth. An alternate option for those seeking more of a flavor-blast to the tastebuds is the hot and sour soup. Of all the different restaraunts I've ordered this from, the one from Four Seasons has got to be the absolute best ever. The "dinner for two" combinations (there are two to choose from) are both very good and well-priced, both come with an extra order of plain rice and two egg rolls.

One item of note is the chicken balls. Most other Chinese restaraunts offer little more than batter balls stuffed with a tiny piece of chicken, but not Four Seasons. Theirs are large chunks of chicken in a light crispy batter, and can be ordered with sweet & sour with or without pinneapple chunks, or honey garlic sauce. Another dish of note is called "Tai dop voy", a stirfry mix of fresh garden veggies and every meat on the menu including shrimps.

For those seeking something a little different, their extensive menu also includes a selection of Polynesian dishes like Pork Tiki Tiki, Shrimp Fiji and Singapore Mai-fun, and also a different specialty chicken dish for each of the four seasons. The summer chicken option is quite spicey, but for the lovers of really hot spicey foods you'll want to request that they make it "extra hot" for you, as it's really only mildly hot at best. There is a flavorful treat called "Four Seasons crispy wontons" that are excellent as well. Just like the name says, they are crisp deepfried wontons filled with minced pork and a nice sweet & sour sauce for dipping.

Be adventurous and try everything that you can, as you won't be disappointed or left wanting.

Ratings: 9.2, 9.0, 9.5, 9.1, 8.9,
Reservations: n/a
Parking: n/a
Food: Excellent!
Delivery: Wait time can vary from 1-2 hrs

Service: Very good and friendly
Liquor liscense: n/a
Atmosphere: n/a
Air Quality: n/a
Washrooms: Unknown

Cyberdog's overall rating (out of 10): 9.2

See you there!
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