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Cyberdog's Reviews: Domino's Pizza
Located at Various locations around Winnipeg. Check the MTS yellow pages for phone ordering.

I thought I would take advantage of the new "Philly cheesesteak" pizza offer at Dominos recently, and decided to opt for the additional pizza for $7 dollars more. It says on their flier "Any pizza for $7 more" but the girl on the phone told me it can only be up to four toppings. Okay, not a problem. I went for a bacon-ham-pineapple-with-extra-cheese, opting for thin crust on both pies as opposed to their original hand-tossed version. The voice on the phone was very professional and to-the-point, I could tell they were quite busy. The total bill for the order of two medium pizzas came to $22.75. I gave the driver $25 so as to include a $2.25 tip for his promptness. :)

People, don't skimp on the toppings!

The delivery time from Dominos is usually quite fast, I'll give them that. Their pizza though, as on previous occassions, has left me a bit wanting. First off I will say that the ingredients were quite fresh and very tasty. So too was the crust quite crispy and flavorful, as was the sauce. The food was delivered hot. The PROBLEM as I see it is that there just wasn't enough of it.

Toppings --- they were extremely thin, even when extra-cheese was ordered. Ordering "thin crust" does not automatically mean that the entire pizza needs to be thin. People, put some toppings on there!! These pies looked very thin, and were quite light in weight, as was noticed when I carried the boxes from the door to the kitchen.

Crust --- as I said, it was thin and crispy, and flavorful enough that most people would enjoy it.

Sauce --- zesty and fresh, no problems here.

This pizza also passed the "eat it cold for breakfast the next day" test. Really, the only area where Dominos came up short was that there simply wasn't enough value for the money they're charging. On a previous visit I ordered their new "buffalo chicken kickers", which are bonless pieces of chicken in a spicey breaded coating. Along with one large pizza and some breadsticks that order came to over $30, the seven or eight chicken pieces costing nearly $8 of that. I'm sorry, but there are other pizza delivery establishments to order from that give you far more food value for that amount of money. I certainly don't mind paying $25 or even $30+ dollars for an evening of pizza/wings/pepsi-or-coca-cola..... but had these pizzas had a bit more substance to them this would have been a vastly different review.

Delivery time: Excellent
Food quality: Very good
Food amount: Poor
Overall value: A bit pricey

Cyberdog's overall rating (out of 10): 6.5

Check them out!
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