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Cyberdog's Reviews: Chiu's Restaraunt
Located at 400 Tache Ave. main floor (across from the St. Boniface Hospital)

Chiu's Restaraunt is a great place to go for a change from cafeteria food when visiting a sick friend or relative in the St. Boniface Hospital. The atmosphere is that of a nice coffee shop, and is run by 2 very hard-working  brothers. For breakfast and lunch it is fairly packed with staff from the hospital and 400 tache, but for dinner it is no problem getting a table. They close daily at 7:00 PM, and are not open on Sundays or Holidays. 

They offer up daily specials, but I usually hit the menu for one of their chinese combos. They have several chinese combination plates that will fill up the hungriest person. Their chow mein is loaded with chinese cabbage, a rather unique twist from the "mostly bean-sprout" versions I've had at other chinese restaurants. The portion of breaded veal that I ordered with one combo plate was plentiful and tasty, as are the other choices on the menu, of which many entries are home-made.

One can't go wrong ordering the deep-fried chicken dinner (3 pieces), the clubhouse sandwich, the chicken ceasar, the soup of the day, or a piece of their homemade pie. Self-serve coffee and drinks, or one of the staff will happily serve you. On one of my visits the fried pork chops (2) were a little thin but otherwise tasty, and the home-made butter tart I had was too sweet and not enough filling in it. As for the breakfast, the scrambled eggs are consistently perfect, as are the sausages. The hash browns are the frozen pre-formed patty kind, and I always ask for 2 as they are also somewhat diminutive. Chiu's coffee is good too, and always fresh. 

Their Prices are very reasonable, the service is prompt and courteous, and I've never been bothered by the smoke from the smoking section there, unlike many other restaraunts and dining rooms. And, if the "frozen hospital food" ever arrives at St. Boniface Hospital, I think this little place called Chiu's will make a fortune, as no one will be eating in the hospital cafeteria!

Reservations: no
Parking: Can be a problem with so many people visiting at the nearby hospital
Food: good
Service: Very good and friendly
Liquor liscense: no
Atmosphere: Nice but can be loud at lunch times with much hospital staff.
Air Quality: Usually good, but during peak times it can get smokey.
Washroom: Nonexistant, closest one is in the basement of the building (400 Tache)

Cyberdog's overall rating (out of 10): 6.5

See you there!

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