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Winnipeg Restaurant Guide & Review
Chicago Phil's Pizza

Located at 70 Donald, downtown Winnipeg.
Ph: 942-3500
or Fax your order at: 942-2777

2006 - A recent order for home delivery placed to Chicago Phil's proved once again to be a good choice. On this occasion I opted for the large "The Beast", one of their signature pizzas and certainly their largest creation available.

Delivery time was good, at approximately 45 minutes total to reach my door. The hot food was actually hot, and the  2-litre drink I ordered was cold, which is always nice. Far too many delivery places neglect to ensure your drinks are kept separate from the food and delivered cold, one of my few pet peeves. Chicago Phil's has never disappointed me in that regard.

Another thing of note regarding their delivery is that when the delivery person arrives at your door I noticed they tend to hand you each item you ordered one at a time, thus ensuring that everything you ordered is actually delivered to you. Again, where other places hand you one large covered sack of food and you later find out that something is missing and the delivery guy is long gone, that doesn't seem to happen with Phil's.

The pizza itself -- As I've probably stated in past reviews, this pizza has weight to it. Anyone carrying the box from the door to the kitchen will quickly realize this. The toppings on the one delivered to me were all fresh and plentiful, over a rather tasty sauce, but the real winner here is their crust. It is not often you will have a pizza delivered to you with this many toppings on it that has a thin crust that is CRISPY. Most I've tried are more on the limp side, some even saugy. Not The Beast from Chicago Phil's.

Truthfully, the only item I found wanting on this order was the amount of cheese on the pizza. There could have been just a wee bit more, and I couldn't help thinking that with the price of this monster (a 16" Beast is reasonably priced currently at $22.99*) that a handful or two of cheese would really make this one of the all-time best pizzas I've had. 

The other selection I ordered on this occasion was the hot wings (on Tuesdays & Wednesdays you can add 10 wings to any order over $20 for just $4.99). I opted for their hottest choice, and again Phil's didn't dissapoint. These were some of the hottest spiciest wings I've had, and I am a fan of the spicey believe me. There was enough heat to bring tears to my eyes. Well done Phil!

On looking at their newly-updated delivery menu I see they have various value meal deals available, "pizza pairs" deals, a heath-smart pizza choice made with whole wheat crust and soy cheese, a very attractive spagetti & meatballs deal every monday night for $5.49 per order, and a couple of pick-up-only specials as well.

The take-out and delivery menu at Phil's is extensive, and I intend to try them again..... largely because their food is good and they don't skimp on anything. You get your money's worth, and hey, if you're going to order food, you may as well get it from a place that obviously puts some effort into it. Enjoy.

Free delivery on orders over $14.99.
Hours: Mon-Fri they open at 11.30 AM, Sat & Sun they open at 3 PM. Open late (until 2 AM) on Thurs, Fri, Sat. Open Sunday until 10 PM. Closed some holidays.

* price as of May 2006

Reservations: n/a
Parking: n/a
Food: Excellent!
Service: Very good, prompt and friendly
Liquor liscense: n/a
Atmosphere: n/a
Air Quality: n/a
Washrooms: Unknown

Cyberdog's overall rating (out of 10): 9.3

Check them out!

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